It took about a half an hour to get set up and to actually complete the project, but I’m happy to announce that I can finally check wrapping my sword off the list of things to do.
I bought a tiny hot glue gun (and really, it was so tiny that it only cost $2.50) for this project. And, hoping for the best, I began at the pommel (the rounded end) and worked my way down to the crosspiece of the sword until it was all wrapped with .25″ leather strip. The leather was a little thicker than I had originally wanted, but I think it ended up working better than the thin stuff I was going to use originally (thin thickness, not width).
And here is what it looks like:

The most difficult part of this project was beginning and ending the piece of leather. To start with, I used a line of glue to tack down the end of the leather. Since the glue cooled really quickly, I had to work fast and only use a little glue at a time. Once the end was down, I wrapped it around and over itself, using more hot glue to bind it to itself. Then, I began to wrap the handle just straight around with a dab of glue here and there to offer stability:

Then, I finally got to the top and was at a loss for what to do. It was a little too bulky to knot under itself to finish it. So I finally decided to get in as close to the edge of the crosspiece as I could with the leather, then I began to cut it with scissors so it tapered off towards the end and tucked in neatly. Again, I used glue to stabilize it, and I made sure that the leather touched itself with the glue towards the end. So, even if the glue doesn’t end up sticking to the sword itself, it will at least stick to the leather. I hope:

Next up, adjusting the cuisses! ^.^

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