Cuisse update

I kept working on my cuisses this evening (and finally gave up, but not before making a dent in the work… or, um… “workload”). I found the right angle for the straps–though they were cut incorrectly and the result of at least one of the straps leaves me quite annoyed, but at least it works. Then, I riveted on the outside straps and one set of the inside straps. I was actually able to try on one cuisse tonight, and actually, it feels a lot more natural than it used to. I think this is because it is not hindering my leg movement as much. Also, it’s really nice to be able to put the cuisses on myself rather than waiting for help. (now if only I could hurry up and do the same for the breastplate! lol)
Tomorrow, I’ll finish up the strapping on the other cuisse and create the harnesses which will hold up the new outside straps and then, hopefully, my cuisses will be done (again). At a later date (before ConnectiCon, I have some ideas as to how to modify them further to make then look cool, but at least that can wait now).

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