Ah, my lovely cuisses

So, I’m calling my cuisse project officially done, for the time being (except for adding a few holes in a belt, but that’s easy). My cuisses are now super heavy because of all the leather that I affixed to them, but they are much more stable and comfortable and shouldn’t twist like they did last time, so I look forward to wearing them again.
Now if only the weather for Sunday would cooperate! So far, it looks like ti’s going to be somewhere between the low 50s and the mid 60s and could be raining. Ick! >.<*
This is turning out much the same way the last two attempts at the faire have: one being that it was too crappy out and we couldn't go and the other being that we went but it was super windy. I guess I should be happy that I got to go at all, of course. But I really would like to take one more stab at it before ConnectiCon!

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One Response to Ah, my lovely cuisses

  1. yah unfortunately I dont think the magick faire in oxford is until after Connecticon

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