Lazy Armorer

So I’ve been terrible lately with continuing on my armor project, even when there’s still so much to do! Or, at least there’s still so much I’d LIKE to do. But ever since Sunday, it’s been kind of nice to take a break and recharge. And hey, even my fingers are starting to heal from all the abuse they’ve gone through over the past few weeks (riveting, grommeting, and hammering, I’ve found, are NOT the friends of poor little fingers!)
But now that it’s already Thursday, it feels like I’m running out of time again. On the other hand, the fact that I haven’t turned my attention to armoring lately kind of shows that maybe I’ve gotten a life in the past week? Kind of? I mean, I’ve been sending out resumes (and I sent out a really interesting one yesterday, so keep your fingers crossed for me!), I’ve gone to a career fair (which was terrible, just ask Auerion), I went to a couple hours of work, I’ve been getting my stuff together so I can graduate on Saturday (yup, I get to walk. it doesn’t mean anything except that I only have nein… sorry, NINE credits left (inside joke)). And I’ve been looking around for resources to use for my study of Quenya, which isn’t REALLY that productive but it’s certainly on my to-do list. I decided, finally, to go with Elvish Quenya over Sindarin since Quenya has been around for longer (ie, Tolkien started it first) and there are more resources… AND it kind of sounds nicer and, as the language of the high elves, would probably be more of what Ari would speak as a member of upper Elven society.
So in conclusion, I’ve been a rather lazy armorer/cosplayer. But so far–knock on wood!–the weather is looking nice for next weekend. I won’t be able to go to the Renaissance Faire on Saturday because I need to go on a city trip with my poetry class (and possibly with friends and boyfriend, though I haven’t asked them yet ^.^). So my only hope is that the last Sunday of the Faire will be as awesome as the first… and much warmer, please!
Granted, ConnectiCon is in 57 days (I know because they’re a counter on their website, So really, logically, for a person who has no job and really likes to cosplay, it would make sense to focus on the big fish. But I really do want to go back to the Faire with friends (different ones, but hopefully also the same ones as last time, too!). And there’s something very different about being in a LARP setting with period accurate clothing and food and music verses being in the cosplay chaos (albeit, really awesome cosplay chaos which is very much appreciated ^.^) of an anime convention. Plus, I’m not going as any specific character this year (until I pull out Saber for a repeat performance–and I have to do this because she was the best costume I’ve ever worn and got a very positive response for it) so it’s nice to be appreciated for what I’ve managed to do, even if it’s not period/anime series specific.
So, I think that’s my rant for now. I don’t think I’ll get to work on my armor today, since I have homework for my class tonight to do. I also need to clean apartment for when my family comes up this weekend for graduation. Oh, I guess that probably means no armor tomorrow. Oh, sadness 😦

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2 Responses to Lazy Armorer

  1. Yay for armorness. What time do you get out of class Friday…and if it’s not real late are you doing anything after that? (I’m not sure when your family is coming over for Saturday.)

    • paladinari says:

      I don’t have class tomorrow night 🙂
      And I have nothing on Saturday morning, either. My family is planning on showing up for my graduation (around 1-1:30) and I’ll probably spend time with them through dinner on Saturday).

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