The Renaissance Faire! (Part 1)

Hello everyone! I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Wow, was my last post really on Saturday? I feel like I’m so behind!
So here’s what’s been happening lately with the first part of my armor trial run. We went to the Connecticut Renaissance Faire in Guilford, CT, on Sunday, May 9. And for the record, it was cold! It was a blustery day, to say the least. And the wind gusts were so bad that our cloaks did nothing to help with the freezing conditions. In fact, Connecticut is under a frost advisory this week. And it’s May 😦
In any case, we went to the faire: Griswold and myself going our own way and the DM (as the pirate “Roger”) and Denya going their own. And we met up there. However, we missed the opening ceremony because we were a bit later than we intended and it was so *insert rude wording here* freezing that it took us forever to suit up once we got there.
I’m sure that Denya will tell her part of the story with her outfit, so I’ll leave it out. But here’s what happened with me.
Since it was going to be so cold and I had trouble wearing my pauldrons with my cloak, I was going to wear them over my cloak but under my hood, which would have looked really cute. Yes, those same pauldrons which took me days to complete. Those same pauldrons which have taken more of my work time than any other armor piece. There was no way I was going to go to the faire without them!
And wouldn’t you know, I did? Yup. I completely forgot them. Because all of my other armor pieces were sitting on my bed and the pauldrons were slung over the back of a chair to hold their shape. So no, the pauldrons never made it to the faire 😦
But maybe that was for the best, because my cloak was blowing all over the place! They probably would have just annoyed me.
In any case, I did in fact remember the rest of my armor. The breastplate was a complete success and was actually rather comfortable. I think this was because it was designed to sit just above the bottom of my ribcage and so wasn’t digging into me. And it looked rather cute to be sticking out of the front of my cloak (at least I THINK. This was, notably, the first time I had had “all” of my armor on at once. I’m still not entirely sure what I looked like until I see pics). The gauntlets were awesome. They didn’t hinder my hand movement at all and were very comfortable. And, since they were so thick, they probably helped to keep my hands from freezing, though my fingers were, of course, cold. The tassets worked really well. I ended up designing them so that my sword frog could lace through them, and I was happy that they stayed in the right place: making the inverted “V” shape down my middle as I intended. Oh! And I had my sword, too. The paint was wearing off a bit by the end of the day from inserting and removing it from its sheath, however I think it just added to its character. Also, the tassets and gauntlets became a bit worn by the end of the day as well. But again, it just made it look very nice.
Ok, and the problem piece? Yup. The cuisses. It’s not that they were uncomfortable (actually they were even moreso than I imagined). However, the back kept coming unlaced and the harness straps kept sliding inwards so that they twisted and probably made me look knock-kneed. Denya had to keep getting down behind me to re-lace/re-tie them, which was a bit embarrassing/annoying. Finally (after heading to the bathroom and realizing that no, it wasn’t going to happen) I simply ended up taking them off. I think that I need to add another strap to keep them from twisting (maybe on the side?) and figure out some way from letting the harness slide along the belt. But on the whole, they were a success. And I was able to kneel in them, which was good because I had to be able to for something fun that we did 😉
There were a lot of “knights” at the faire, particularly little boy ones. It was really cute to see them running around in shiny cloth “armor”. And I even got a picture with one! And everyone was very tickled by my ears as well. I was one of only three elves at the faire this weekend, and when I finally met my “kin”, I realized that we all had the same ears. We were family!
One thing I’m disappointed in was that I was focusing so much on the cold that I forgot to act the part. Hopefully when we go again in two weeks I’ll manage to act like the detached, zealous, elf paladin that I’m supposed to be. And by detached, I guess I should probably not really care who wins the joust. After all, elves don’t really have a care to meddle in the affairs of men. Looking back on it, Ari was cheering for the side of good. But really, would she care? *shrug*
Let’s see, what else? The Men in Tights competition was fun. There were only two competitors and a few actors, and they performed many… “manly” feats of leg-dom: such as the good old “retrieve the damsel’s fallen apple by bending over” trick, and the “shimmy down the horse-poo” trick. While I enjoyed it, I sat there wondering what Ari would really think of such a competition. I finally decided that she would probably sit there looking stonily indifferent while really thinking, “What is wrong with these foolish men!? Have they no shame!?” ^.^
I really look forward to going back again in two weeks. And I’m REALLY hoping that it’s a lot warmer! Once I fix my cuisses and actually remember my pauldrons, I’m looking forward to finally getting the entire effect without the obvious shivering showing up in any captured images of us. Even Denya was cold!

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