Hair feedback and general makeup odds and ends

I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do with my hair on Sunday. I know that I won’t leave it down, because my hair and wind don’t mix. Ari is supposed to wear a braid. Whenever I do this, my hair gets caught on my pauldrons. But I could just suck it up and go character accurate. Or maybe I could put it up in a braid? Either way, I need to do something to keep it away from my elf ears, because I’ve learned that my hair and spirit gum make strange bedfellows. Ie, I’m in for a world of pain if I get too much spirit gum on my hair, even though I have the remover.
In other news (because I’m silly like this) I’ve been giving some thought to elvish makeup. Not only will this make me look more ethereal and perfect, as all elves are ^.^, but it would be an extra cover up to help diminish sun damage as I can wear makeup over sunscreen. I think I decided that it should look natural and healthy (since paladins probably don’t have time in the morning to do anything else, if at all!). As silly as it sounds, I just can’t decide what to wear on my lips since, suddenly, all the lip makeup I own is red (my new kick: red lips rather than mascara, because it’s easier and has the same effect).
Nails: Clean and unpainted. Enough said.
All I know is that my eyes are going to be a reddened mess by the end of the day. This is what happens when I don’t wear sunglasses since I have such light eyes. But since sunglasses would look so silly with what I’m doing, I’m going to attempt to forgo them. Ouchee….
Also, I’m planning on braiding Gimli’s…. I mean Gris’s beard tonight to make it more dwarf-ish. Any suggestions?
And… I think that’s it, for now. Maybe? If I can, I just want to make stomach armor today (non-permanent) and, if I get the chance, I want to give my armor its final shine so I don’t have to worry about it tomorrow.
And my corset STILL hasn’t come in! But I’ve already sent the seller a “polite enquiry” about when it’s coming or if I should just find something else to wear underneath. (I’m sorry, I can’t just wear NOTHING underneath the breastplate).

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One Response to Hair feedback and general makeup odds and ends

  1. Do you wnat to borrow my skull black corset i have others two but that seems like it would go the best..and fit the best, a lot of my others are two small right now which means they’ll be too small for you too, I also have a hot pink and black one and a thin purple and black one..but the straps don’t come off.

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