Elf ears

Since the building’s hot water seems to be off right now and I don’t feel like taking a cold shower, I decided to repaint my elf ears. Last week, I had gone to the costume store and gotten two grease paints: One being a light tan which matched my skin and the other being a little pot of red/pink blush, so that the ears don’t look flat. My ears already have paint on them, but I wasn’t sure how to remove what was already there.
To begin, I used spirit gum remover to get rid of all the excess spirit gum which was caked up on the inside. I though that this would be a good prep in case the remover would bother the paint that was already there, but it seemed to be fine.
Next, I removed the earring which I already had in the ear. I put it there last Halloween and, actually, piercing a latex ear is bit tricky because the hole doesn’t STAY there. What I had ended up doing was piercing it with a needle and slowly putting the earring through the hole as I removed the needle. But since I couldn’t paint the ears with the earring in (and since I made new earrings which I will pierce my ears with later) I removed it.
Then I began to paint. Using a foam sponge, I began to spread the light flesh colored makeup all over the ear. It covered really quickly, and I could immediately see how different the color was from what was there originally! No wonder the old color didn’t match my own skin. Did I really walk around like that at last year’s Renaissance Faire in New York!?
After I was done with the flesh color, I added a little stippling of the red/pink with a q-tip along the inside ridge of the ear so that it wasn’t just all one color. Then I used the same q-tip to blend it in so that it wasn’t just a mass of red. This created a really cute shadow effect.
Now I know that real makeup isn’t good for latex, but I figured that meant not to use liquid makeup. To finish off the ears and make sure that grease paint wasn’t going to come off on me, I actually brushed over the entire thing with a mineral powder foundation I have. This made the ear matte and more natural looking.
And I was done!
I stuck them on my ears and can immediately tell that they are a much better color for me. And since I have the makeup, I can use that on Sunday to help blend in the ear tips with my own ears.
Anyway, the shape of these ears are meant to be worn so that they sweep backwards (like a rainbow). However, I swapped the ears and found that I kind of like them better when the sweep upwards instead (kind of like an upside down rainbow?). Since I like that better, I wasn’t happy with the original way I put the blush tint on the ear and decided to swap it.
So I went back to painting and covered over the red I had already done with more flesh color and just switched up where the red would be. And now, everything is shaded correctly and I really look forward to wearing them on Sunday.
Later, I’ll probably pierce them with the earrings I’ve made. So I hope they’ll turn out looking ok 🙂

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