It’s shiny and oh so pretty…

So I brought my sad little master sword home today for a little TLC. I was worried my dad would say it was salvageable. To my pleasant surprise, he said it could be fixed and immediately went to work on picking the remnants of the blade out of the handle. Then we epoxied it together and went to town with spray paint. Needless to say, it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to swing my wooden sword around like it was meant to be swung!
We began to spray it with silver on the handle and black on the scabbard. About the only problem is that whatever Chinese paint they must have used on it in the factory doesn’t seem to be reacting well with the spray paint we want to use. But coat after coat, it’s coming along a lot better.
So, I’m about 95% sure that I’m going to have my wooden sword for Sunday! It won’t be complete (I still need to add jewels and wrap the handle) but it will be light and it will be ready to be drawn in the name of Selene! ^.^

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3 Responses to It’s shiny and oh so pretty…

  1. yay for sword, is it likely to break again or did you guys try to fix the durability issues?

    • paladinari says:

      Well… the sword isn’t falling apart. But I realized this morning that I’m having paint issues (ie, apparently the paint isn’t drying properly and marks up with fingerprints as soon as you touch it. It’s a mess!)

      It’s so sad. This means I can’t bring it back with me today (since I don’t want silver all over the back of my car and to be overcome with paint fumes) and I need to hope my dad might be able to do something to respray it with something else. I don’t even think different drying conditions could help >.<*

      In other news, though, the sheath looks great! lol

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