Picnic Snacks

Since we’re going to the Renaissance Faire next Sunday (and since ren faire food costs you an arm and a leg), I thought it might be nice to plan a picnic so that we can all either find a cute little grassy knoll to snack on or maybe just eat out in the parking lot or something.
Does anyone have any suggestions for picnic food? It would be fun to go and eat in-character, though I think–in that case–I might pass out from a sugar high and lack of real food before the end of the day. But still, it would be neat to try and prepare some period-appropriate foods so that we can be all cool and eat in the manner of the times. Um… for that idea, all I’ve thought of so far that we could bring is beer bread and beef jerky. You know, the standard field rations. Of course, we could just do sandwiches and keep them in a cooler. That would still be yummy ^.^

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7 Responses to Picnic Snacks

  1. All of that sounds great (dont forget a blanket, I don’t think ours is big enough for 4 of us comfy like), I’ll get chicken tenders, strawberries, blackberries and juice. Crackers are fine they had cracker like things back then…I think it was thin wafer like almost stale bread…so ours will probably taste better.

    Check out these choices for your juice and let me know by tomorrow morning what juice you guys want me to get you (smoothies and juices are the best but the lemonade looks good too):

    The DM and are were thinking Renfaire at 9:30…if Gris won’t get up in time to leave and be there by then I’d tell him the time your leaving the night before and that if he’s not ready by then your leaving him and he can drive himself up later when he feels like getting up and going. It’s not mean its putting your foot down and not letting his lateness ruin your day. Anyways ren faire all day and then we thought maybe dinner somewhere and then we’d come over to pick up rattyrats. What do you think?

    • paladinari says:

      I think that Gris and I are both Vanilla Chai Tea people, yum! ^.^
      Anyway, I still need to find out if I can convince Dave that we should stay over your house, unless he PROMISES to get up on Sunday morning. I even told him that I would drive and all he had to do was roll out of bed and into the car, but he’s already being difficult. I really want to be there and in the parking lot by 9:30 (also on the off chance that we get lost, at least we have extra time, lol).
      Do you happen to just have a plain black corset, Denya? My torso is also shorter than yours, so maybe one would fit if it’s too small on you?
      And which would you like better for pastries: baclava or rugalach? Both are yummy to me! ^.^

      • rugalach looks good…I don’t really like hard pastries that much I prefer soft things so either one is probably fine for everyone, I’ll try to get the chair tea one..let me know if there’s a close second and third if they don’t have any(most stores don’t have all the flavors, only 4 or 5 and its random). And I don’t think so in regards to the corset but let me look when I get home tonight and I’ll call you with what I’ve got.

  2. Well I was thinking each couple can bring a blanket to use and we’ll do a real picnic, I have a nice picnic basket we can use and I was actually thinking cold fried chicken from like big y or stop and shop would be great with some fresh fruit like strawberries or something. also you doing bear bread would go great. It’s similar to how the DM and I did our concert picnic, we had cold fried chicken and a bag of cherries with a bottle of Bolthouse farm juice to share, it was awesome. But something along those lines would be good, and by the way they will be serving alcohol this year, which includes mead and beer and wine. I’m sure the Gris will partake. They’ll have a summer ale I know he’d like. Also make sure you guys check emails if you have a subscriptions to the ren faires email list because I just got 2$ off coupons for the DM and my tickets for Sunday.

    • paladinari says:

      Mm, cherries and juice sound good. Personally, I probably wouldn’t eat the fried chicken (since I’m such a stick in the mud when it comes to bones in food, I’m sorry!) but I could easily bring something else either for myself or maybe something else that we could all eat with the chicken, like maybe a cold pasta salad or something?
      And yes, Gris is going to be thrilled for the mead (though I sure won’t, lol)
      And “bear bread”, Denya? I’m not sure Auerion would approve! ^.^*

      • Aww your no fun I love bear bread. But yes I just checked the sales for the week and Xpect has strawberry and blackberry containers 3 for $5 and Bolthouse farm 1 quart juices for 2 for $5 and fried chicken is $8 for an 8 pack. You can make anything you want to go with it although I do think we were looking for a ren faire food experience thus all finger foods so keep that in mind…also they do do chicken tenders as well which we could do instead and then no bones… let me know. Jim and I can get the berries, chicken, and juices with the sales if you like, you guys came make the beer bread and such and well figure out who owes who what at the faire. Just let me know what you think and which bolthouse farm the two of you would like to share.

      • paladinari says:

        Ok, so so far I’m planning on the following picnic foods for Sunday (all keep with the period theme!)
        – BEER bread
        – Cheese (would we like crackers? I’m not sure if that’s period accurate)
        – Beef jerky
        – Pastry (of some sort. I figure that Ari wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best sweets ^.^)

        But yes, we can make sure everything is finger food. That would also be nice so that we don’t need to bring plates, plasticware, or cups. I guess we can just keep everything in a cooler and throw it into the cute little picnic basket at lunch time. Yum!

        Does anyone have any requests for pastries? I don’t know why I’m thinking baclava/rugalach…

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