Gauntlets and cuisses, oh my!

I had two projects today which I’m still in the middle of. Well, I only had ONE project for today, but when Denya started talking about her cuisses that got me onto at least wanting to make an attempt at mine. I’m not really sure if the rivets will go through the leather of the belts, but I’ve seen them do more of a miracle than that, so I think I should at least give it a go. Worst comes to worst, I end up screwing up my cuisses royally and having to start from scratch: Therefore having to make new knee cops (which are attached to my cuisses now) and buy new aluminum because I don’t have a piece big enough. But hey, you know what they say: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I just need to go for it!
As for my gauntlets, I was kind of inspired by my desktop paladin picture and the gauntlets she is wearing (which I would post if the picture feature was working on my blog. Denya, are you having that trouble too?) I’ve already cut out the plates and prepared them for riveting. And I re-purposed my leather gloves which I originally bought for this project. I cut off the fingers and will use them to attach the plates do, thereby making an articulated gauntlet.
Or, at least that’s the theory.
Oh, and I finished by pauldrons… again. This time, I added leather straps on the inside which will allow me to attach suede string to the pauldrons to tie under my arms so the thing doesn’t come off. I really don’t think they would, but there’s nothing like some extra assurance when you’re up against a dwarf… I mean an orc. ^.^*
In any case if all goes well, I should have a completely wearable set of armor by tomorrow night. Then it’s all down to finishing details, such as wanting to add to my breastplate but not really being sure what to do. I might do something temporary since I’m still not sure if I’d like to do some scale mail work in time for ConnectiCon. Actually, I’m pretty certain that a lot of my armor is fully modifiable, and I even built in some secrets so that I can add on at will, or subtract 😉
That being said, I’m not really sure where I’m going. I’ll just be proud of what I did when I get there ^.^

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