Cuisse Miracle

Drumroll please…
I’m happy to announce that my cuisses are now completely wearable! After the most irritating two and a half hours of my armor project, I finally managed to rivet on the harness which will keep the cuisses up on my legs, and my fingers now hurt terribly after the effort.
The worst part was that I decided to go with using the original $1 belts that I had gotten for the project. And despite Denya’s warning, I tried to rivet the belt onto itself so make a belt loop.
Well, just save yourself the trouble and don’t even try to do this with the jean rivets! They’re not long enough, and I now have blisters on my fingers from the effort! In the end, I ended up putting eyelets in and tying the belt onto itself and letting the string fall. I might get some silver beads to hang on the end of the string. But actually, I think this looks nice and very elf-like.
After the straps were done (finally) I decided to try them on. And, I actually had them on my legs and was walking around the apartment in them for a little while. They aren’t terribly uncomfortable, however I really need someone to help me tie them on at the correct height for my legs. After all, there’s only so much I can do myself. I look forward to Gris coming home and helping me. He knows how much I enjoy playing dress-up with my armor ^.^*
So tomorrow’s project will be to (hopefully) finish my gauntlet/vambraces. It might be a bit tricky, and I might decide to recut the pieces I made today. But otherwise, I have a pretty sunny outlook of how the rest of this project will go, now that these leg pieces are finally done.
Oh, and I still need to paint my ears.
And I still need to decide what I’m doing with my hair on Sunday.
And I still need a sword (no one’s gotten back to me get about my broken wooden sword, ******!)
So, that’s that. Productive night. I’m going to rest my hands, now. ^.^*

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2 Responses to Cuisse Miracle

  1. See I told you those wouldn’t work with the just wouldn’t believe me till you hurt yourself..hehehe. I promise to help you get your armor on at the Ren faire, did your corset come? And I recommend using Gris’s sword he had in his room I saw near the door. Just for this weekend and it looked nice and you could easily peace tie it with some of the leather straps you’ve got…and I wanna see what you’ve done to your over $100 gauntlets… did you really cut them..

    • paladinari says:

      Lol, no not THOSE gloves! (I pale thinking about cutting them)
      No, I cut up the gloves I had originally bought from Home Depot for metal working. Then when I realized I was being careful enough not to slice my hand (though I’ve done so since) I stopped using them. So now, they’re going to become the base for my gauntlets ^.^
      I think I might try and ebay the original gauntlets I got. Hopefully I can break even with how much they cost.
      And as to the first part of your comment: *Alysson sucks on painfully throbbing fingers from the previous day* Yes, mommy 😦

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