I pale at the thought of how many rivets I have used…

Ok. I know I promised that I wasn’t going to go back to the craft store until after the Renaissance Faire next weekend. But… I lied.
And lo and behold, I found myself back there today. And today was a strange day, too!
So to start, I went back to my favorite craft store. To my pleasant surprise, rivets were in again (which was good because I found that I really need another package… again–more on why next). After picking up rivets, I went over to the jewelry findings. Since I’ve realized that it might be impossible to rivet the belts I already have to the cuisses (I don’t know, I still have yet to try) I decided that maybe I could braid together some the of suede string and create some kind of fancy string to attach to the cuisses and the belt? I don’t know. I’m still not sold on what I’m going to do in regards to that.
I also picked up hoop earrings, pearls, and little pin jewelry findings. Why? Well, I wasn’t going to do it until ConnectiCon, but since the earrings were right there, I went ahead and got the materials to make the only jewelry that Ari actually wears–that being four (seemingly unable to be removed) pearl earrings. Maybe I’ll work on earrings tonight so I can go ahead and pierce my ears (my elf ears, I mean–I have enough holes in mine already!) this weekend.
After I left the craft store, I went over to the store Joyce Leslie (a really neat clothing store) and left the windows in my car open since it’s hot out. I didn’t find anything in the store, and when I got out to my car I had just started it up and was turning on my iPod when I heard this “buzzing” behind me. Well, I’ll never leave my windows open again! A HUGE yellow jacket had gotten into my car (and I am REALLY afraid of being stung). It must have looked hilarious as I bolted out of the car and thought for a moment, “Hm, how will I solve this?” Finally, I opened up the back hatch of my Rogue, opened up the windows, and used my snow brush (thank goodness I haven’t taken it out yet!) to swat at the thing until it left. Well, that was fun.
Next, I went to drive home via the Merritt Parkway. This was going really well until around exit 49 when all of a sudden traffic really slowed down. Luckily, I was only headed to exit 48. But it took forever to get there. Why was there traffic? Well from what I can surmise, as I went to get off on 48 I saw a car… “tipped” on the edge of the hill. There is a rather steep, grassy hill next to the exit and, if you can envision, there was a white SUV up on the hill with its hazards on (this is a 45 degree angle, by the way) and the it was being SUPPORTED by a car. I mean, the SUV was leaning on the car! I can only imagine how this came to be, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only driver who was puzzled by this as they passed. *shrug*
Next I went to Stop and Shop to get dessert yummies for tomorrow night. This was pretty uneventful and I got something kind of unique, so I hope you’re ready, Denya, Gris, Auerion, and our loyal DM!
Finally, I was driving home and just passing through this sleepy little Bridgeport neighborhood… when I see this little chihuahua type dog wandering, literally, like a lost puppy on the side of the road. I swear, every time I turn around some Bridgeport dog has gotten loose! But the poor little thing was so small and I was worried it was going to get run over. So, after telling myself just to keep driving (because I didn’t really want to stop in the middle of Bridgeport) I finally turned around and decided to be a good Samaritan. You know: Call the cute little thing over, get a look at its collar, and call the owner. (By the way, I wouldn’t have stopped if it hadn’t had a collar)
Well, I don’t have a way with dogs. And the silly little thing wouldn’t come and started barking at me and continued to wander down the road, like I had done it some great wrong and was bothering it. Meanwhile, drivers just keep passing me and looking at me like I’m crazy. Yup, thanks for the help, guys!
Finally I gave up. It wasn’t like I was going to go chase down a stray dog. I only hope his owner found him.
So that was my day, and here I sit. And unlike Ari, I CAN eat apples and find that my stomach’s attention is turning to the crisp, cold ones sitting in the fridge. Yum! Snack time!

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2 Responses to I pale at the thought of how many rivets I have used…

  1. …You didn’t tell us why you needed more rivets again, like you promised?

    • paladinari says:

      Oh, oops! Well, I think I’m going to attempt to make a pair of gauntlets from more metal, some leather (or “leather”) and my leather metalworking gloves (since I haven’t used them ever since I realized that my new shears weren’t going to create such a sharp edge). Or, at least that’s the plan ^.^*

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