Possible Cosplay Chess Prop?

While discussing the possibility of participating in cosplay chess this year at ConnectiCon with Denya (she would be going as the Queen of Hearts, and I would be… well, I’m sure you can all guess what costume I would be wearing) we thought it would be fun for all the geeky fan boys out there if a sexy paladin went up on the stage and played with some dice. And by dice, I mean an oversized d20 about the size of a beach ball (which I should get on, lol). But while looking up patterns for a d20–which really is basically 20 triangles stuck together to form an icosahedron–I came across something really cute that I would love to make as a prop for ConnectiCon! One of the problems with the con is always, “Where do I keep my stuff?” When you’re a girl and are so used to carrying around a purse, this can be a conundrum–especially if you can’t coordinate a bag to go with your outfit.
So for example, when I was Princess Serenity I basically carried around a plastic ConnectiCon bag with all my stuff in it and hid it behind my back whenever there were pictures. When I was Chi, I carried around a Ryo-Ohki backpack because it was cute. And when I was Saber, I put on a little belt bag which seemed to work.
So here it is! I would love it if I could make this my bag for ConnectiCon!

D20 instrux b25

Fanboys, eat your heart out 😉

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