Armor Limbo

So, I might be at a standstill with my armor for the time being. I tried completing my cuisses in the past two days by adding little eyelets for the suede string (since I don’t have anything here that can drill a large enough hole for the large grommets I used on my breastplate. Unfortunately, with how destroyed the little eyelets got while I was trying to put them in the cuisses, I now can’t freely pass the suede string through the hole and so find myself at a cuisse impasse. That means I’ll probably have to go home and have my dad drill out the eyelets and make holes big enough so that I can use the grommets, which I should have done first before torturing myself with putting in the eyelets.
Here’s the real problem with trying to do things with eyelets/grommets here. It’s that I don’t have a power drill. So, the way I make a hole in the metal is by hammering a pilot hole with a small nail to start, then by driving a screw through that hole to force the hole to widen. This is large enough for the rivets I use. But if I want to use eyelets, I need to drive my screwdriver head itself through the hole to widen it even further. It’s effective at achieving the desired size. However, no metal is actually subtracted from the hole itself. It is only forced to stretch, so there will always be additional metal burrs and edges that shouldn’t be there. And that’s why putting in the eyelets isn’t coming out as flat as, say, when I used the eyelets in my pauldron underlay.
Other than having to finish my cuisses, I really only need to focus on finishing touches with the rest of my armor. My pauldrons need some sort of string affixed to them so that they can tie on to me under the arms to make them not fall off. I want to reshape the tassets a little to make them more streamlined. But that’s really all that’s left to do to make this armor wearable for the upcoming faire.
And once my corset comes in, I’ll be able to try everything on all together and see if it needs adjustment or padding or something. For example, if it looks like my breastplate is going to slice at my nice new corset all day, well, the corset takes preference and I’ll have to do something to keep the armor from doing this, possibly by creating another underlay for the breastplate so that there’s a cushion.
I also really need my sword to come in soon. Since it’s a wooden sword (and since it looks like Link’s Master Sword) I plan on repainting it. Of course, if it comes in just a few days before the faire, I guess I’ll just bite the bullets and go with a master sword. It wouldn’t be the worst thing to do since it still looks neat either way.

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4 Responses to Armor Limbo

  1. paladinari says:

    But since it’s such a light metal any large drill would just take the thing and start spinning it! When we drilled the holes for the breastplate, we used a special bit which allowed us to gauge the hole. It kind of looks like a cone. (plus, blondes and power tools don’t mix. heck, blondes and tools don’t mix! Do you know how many times I’ve hammered my finger, stabbed myself with a screwdriver, slashed myself with raw metal, and gotten metal splinters by this point?) ^.^*

    • Yah We’ve got that one I’m pretty sure i remember seeing it… but I understand what you mean about power tools, so are you going home this weekend or during the week some time?

      • paladinari says:

        I would probably go home during the week. Maybe next week, though, so I can take my sister’s college stuff home (which I’ve been recruited to go pick up this coming Sunday…)

  2. You know we have a power drill set right, will all kinds of attachments and bits and stuff…you could just ask to borrow it. But yay to all the finished work anyways 😀

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