H”ear”‘s trouble… (bad pun)

So after my previous post, spirit gum aside, I decided to pull out my elf ears and try them on with the ear cuffs. I haven’t had my ears on since Halloween. And I’m not sure if my skin just lost a LOT of color over the winter months or if the ears themselves have discolored and become darker, but I suddenly realized that the ears no longer match my skintone…
Since you can’t use normal makeup on latex prosthetics, I wonder what I’m going to do about this? (because I refuse to make mySELF darker…)

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One Response to H”ear”‘s trouble… (bad pun)

  1. paladinari says:

    Since I really don’t want to buy new ears and since I can’t use regular makeup on the ones I have, I found fleshtones of the paint that CAN be used on the ears. Maybe I’ll just try and repaint them while they’re on me for the upcoming faire and then come up with a more permanent solution by ConnectiCon


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