Another Epic Saturday

Yesterday, we had one of our Dungeons and Dragons games. The intention was to do a “marathon” of sorts, since I usually work on Saturday until 6PM and we have to start afterward. We were going to start earlier yesterday since I was out of work early and we were doing something else first. But of course it didn’t happen that way. However, it was still a lot of fun, and I think we matched our record for longest game.
Yesterday’s schedule? I was awake at 8AM. I went to work at 10AM. I left work at 1PM. We stayed at our annual Cherry Blossom Festival until 5PM. We started actually playing DnD at 8PM. And we played all the way through 5AM with intermittent snacking. So you can imagine how tired we all were! (Denya had to get up at 6:30AM yesterday, if I remember correctly!). And I finally passed out at around 6AM this morning and was up as of 1:30PM. But it was still fun.
A lot happened last night in the game, and a lot of things went on that are really beginning to test the friendships of our group. As you should know from my in-character postings, Ari and Griswald don’t usually see “eye-to-eye” (pun intended). Or rather, Ari seems to feel that she’s “above” his immature and drunken actions (pun intended). With her as a paladin and him as a cleric, they could potentially have a lot to talk about, and they’re ok with each of them worshiping different goddesses (Selene and Pelora, who are sister goddesses anyway). But socially, there are always sparks.
And there are even more sparks now! Because Ari believes that she is being a noble and courageous paladin by not telling Griswald something very important, and he basically knows what that important thing is and is a bit disgruntled by the fact that Ari won’t recognize it. In order to save NightPanther–a Thief NPC who took a poison dart on Ari’s behalf in a previous game and now lies dying–the group must travel into the bowels of this really, really, evil temple in order to find the antidote. In order to get in THERE, they needed to convince this equally evil elf family to give them the secret to getting into the temple. One thing led to another (and I’m going pretty fast here), and Ari ended up having to make a blood pact with the demon elves in order to get the secret of how to enter the temple. But since she doesn’t want to worry her group, she’s merely telling everyone that the cut on her hand (which was gotten during the blood pact ritual) is from accidentally slicing her hand with her sword while drawing it.
Of course no one believes her. Auerion certainly doesn’t, and he’s pretty saddened by the fact that Ari won’t be honest with how she got the cut on her hand. But again, Ari doesn’t wish to worry the entire group that their virtuous paladin made a blood pact with demons which is punishable by death if not fulfilled. She DID, however, tell Denya–if only to confide in someone. Though when Denya told her to tell everyone else, she disagreed and so lost Denya’s trust as well.
In the meantime, a demon from a previous game has begun to talk to Griswald and Auerion in their dreams. He had spoken to everyone in their dreams (or reverie) before this. And it definitely seems like he has his own agenda, and so wants to be helpful to the group to make sure they live so that they can probably serve another purpose for him. He’s even begun to give Griswald and Auerion things in their dreams which manifest when they wake up (which is NOT normal). So you can imagine how much that strains the group as well.
So at present, before we broke it up at 5AM, the group stands before the evil Temple of Moligar, about the face the horrors from below. In fact, the place is so evil that Ari’s “Sense Evil” ability is basically useless. Below the temple sleeps an old god of rot and decay, and we need to head down inside the temple, facing all sorts of unspeakable horrors (some of which the demon showed Auerion in his dream but Auerion didn’t tell anyone).

“Lying her bloodied hand upon the door to below and speaking the dark command, Ari steps back to allow the door to swing open. Each with their hearts heavy with feelings of fear and doom, the party descends down into the depths of the Temple to face what horrors may ensue.”

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3 Responses to Another Epic Saturday

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  2. paladinari says:

    Thank you ^.^

    Tell the DM that he’s doing a really good job with the story!

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