Today’s Agenda:

– Wake up
– Drink coffee
– Shower
– Dress and dry hair
– Eat lunch?
– Go buy rivets *sobs*
– Buy appetizers for DnD party tomorrow
– Rivet pauldrons to underlay and hope for the best
– Wait for boyfriend to get some so we can make tacos ^.^
– Eat dinner?
– Go to a party

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3 Responses to Today’s Agenda:

  1. yay D&D appetizers… I have no idea if all night will be our current D&D game or not…Jimmy’s not sure he has enough material..and has been considering putting us through a modern mini game as well as our current game since were doing a well see what happens. And yay for party, I’m thinking of bringing pound cake and soda 😀

    • paladinari says:

      Modern mini game? Like… “I’m playing a level 5 social worker. My favorite enemies are abusive parents. I wield a +1 clip board and get pluses to my armor class when I equip my leather briefcase…”?

      • LOL ok that got me laughing out loud at work. No more like, well like Fringe or X-Files probably with investigating and some of us possibly not being all human…but I like the armor class increase with the leather briefcase.

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