So it finally happened…

No, I didn’t kill my boyfriend. But I DID finally deplete JoAnn’s entire stock of Dritz nickel rivets. Yup. I got the very last package. ONE package. And they don’t expect another shipment of these things to be in for another two weeks…
So I guess I’ll do what I can with what I got. AND, when I was eyeleting/grommeting yesterday (ie, making little metal holes in fabric) I found that I really liked it. Maybe I’ll used cute little eyelets to get attach some things…

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One Response to So it finally happened…

  1. Ooo that would be pretty, you could hang some glass beads and such off of them or something. Also there’s another Joanne’s in Hamden, FYI. So if you need me to pick some up for you next week I can (I’d do it today but I’m not going in that direction)

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