Rivet Headache

It’s taken me about two hours, but I finally riveted a small part of the underlay to my pauldrons, thus joining the pauldrons together for the first time. What stinks is that I had a lot of problems measuring, and a few of the nail holes that I make so that I can rivet were… off.
*twitches* So now, the pauldrons aren’t symmetrical! I’m so sad every time I look at the handywork, I could cry. But once the holes are punched, you can’t really do it again because then there would be an extra hole and it would look even crappier.
Well on the bright side, none of the rivets misfired (ie, when you start hammering the rivet and backing together and something goes wrong and everything gets messed up). But still, it bothers me. And there’s really nothing I can do to cover it up.

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One Response to Rivet Headache

  1. Maybe a pretty leather tie decoration with beads or something to use the hole with a grommet instead of having the pauldrons be off… maybe,I’m not sure what it looks like so.

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