No, I really don’t want to go back to the craft store…

I just went to JoAnne’s the other day, but I realized I messed up. Remember when my tip to anyone who wanted to take on a project like this was that they should get lots and lots of rivets? Well, I was just counting my rivet stock last night.
And I don’t have enough. *sigh*
I have 21 rivets left.
I need at least 16-20 more in order to affix the “leather” to the pauldrons to create the underlay.
I need at least 8 more to affix straps of some sort to the pauldrons so that they stay on my arms and aren’t flopping all over the place.
I need at least 4 more to attach the knee cops to the cuisses (which I’ve been holding off on since my cuisses don’t have grommets in them yet)
I need at least 4 more to attach the belt straps to my cuisses so that they don’t fall off my legs
I need at least 4 more to create belt loops for my belt to attach the cuisses to my legs (if that makes any sense. ie, I need to suspend them)
And I need an undetermined amount of rivets to help affix the faux leather to my breastplate to form the blue stripe (which I think would be the most effective way to do things)
Couple that with the fact that some rivets might break and/or be lost in the process of working with them
So… (looks up at the tally and estimating on the high end of things) I need probably at least 52 more rivets. Since I have 21, I only need 31 more. There are 24 rivets in a package. So I need two more packages. At LEAST….

*whine* But I was just AT JoAnne’s! However, the Dritz products are still on sale, so I would be foolish not to go back today and get MORE rivets. In the end, I should count up how many rivets I ended up using in this project. And I’m probably going to cry…

Curse you little nickel rivets…


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2 Responses to No, I really don’t want to go back to the craft store…

  1. paladinari says:

    Oh, I forgot this part in the post:

    “And a partridge in a pear tree…”

  2. I’m hoping I wont need more than the 24 pack for my one pauldron and two cuisses. Definitely get more now while there half off 😀

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