Mission Accomplished (partially)

*tears of happiness* Today, I put my pauldrons together. The metal pauldrons are now firmly affixed to the “leather” underlay, and everything looks so crisp and beautiful. I put the whole piece on, and it was just so amazingly lovely! I could so see an elf wanting to wear this! So then, I tried it on with… well, I’m not planning on wearing a shirt under this, only a corset with no sleeves. So you can imagine how I tried it on next (NO! Not like THAT!) And it was just so pretty. And FREEZING COLD. *sigh* And then I was like, “I already have the pauldrons on. Why don’t I try on the tassets?” So I put the tassets on, and even though I haven’t modified them yet they just looked so wonderful. So then, I put my breastplate on. And it was sheer metal happiness (and REALLY COLD).
*sigh* I can’t wait until this can all come together once and for all. There are only two weeks left until the fair and I hope I have everything done! But I’m so excited for what I’ve managed to do…
(pics tomorrow, possibly ^.^*)

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