Today’s Project

So last night, I made the template that will become the underlay for my pauldrons. I took the old pattern which I had originally created for my pauldron harness and sketched it out on brown paper bag paper (which makes really good sketch paper to try things out on, btw!). Then, I measured and modified the template to make sure that the underlay wouldn’t run into things I had already riveted and that it would extend past some parts of the metal of the pauldrons.
Also yesterday while at JoAnne’s a got a leather-like fabric just for the purpose of making the underlay. But the fabric was white (they didn’t have black, which I’m really set on using).
Ok, back to my narrative.
So today, I cut out the pattern and taped it down to the faux leather fabric. I decided to use the white-ness of the fabric to my advantage in that it makes measuring and marking a lot easier when you’re not trying to mark out on black leather (which I found out while making the 1/2″ strips use to hold my knee cop, tasset, and pauldron plates together).
Once I cut the fabric to the pattern–NOTE! I took special care to save as much fabric as possible for use on other applications of the outfit!–I got out my shiny new grommets. Also using the white to my advantage, I marked out where I wanted the grommets to go and actually cut the holes so that I will be all ready to go later.
So, what am I going to do about the color?
Well, at present I am taking a break from coloring the faux leather with a black chisel tip Sharpie marker. This is very effective and is making the fabric look like real black leather! But, there are some precautions you should take (which I’ve learned while coloring posters with Sharpies):

1) Sharpie fumes are dangerous! Try and work near an open window OR, in the best-case scenario, work outside.
2) Sharpie fumes are dangerous! Take periodic breaks. Even if you are working outside, you can still be inhaling the fumes while leaning over your work. Walk away, take a few breathes of fresh air, and come back in a few minutes.
3) Sharpie fumes are dangerous! Especially while covering a large surface area (such as a large piece of faux leather) make sure to give the ink time to try now and then. Not only will this keep you from getting smudges on your hands, but it also allows the fumes to evaporate, making it safer to continue working on. For example, at the moment I have the fabric sitting outside in the sun. I will finish coloring it in a few minutes.
4) Do I have to say it again? Sharpie fumes are dangerous! And, they can also make you dizzy. If for some reason you don’t feel like listening to tips 1-3, at least listen to this one: Tell someone what you’re doing OR Sharpie with a buddy! That way if you pass out, someone will know why and will know exactly how to caption your Facebook picture they took while riding with you in the ambulance to the hospital. Oh, and I guess it could save your life, too. I didn’t take this step. But then, I at least followed steps 1-3. So there! Besides, if I pass out, at least someone out there will read my blog and see the time stamp…

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2 Responses to Today’s Project

  1. paladinari says:

    *gasps from fumes* Huh…?

  2. *pokes to make sure you didn’t pass out*

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