Speak Elvish?

So I came across this site where they offer “lessons” in elvish, both quenya and sindurin. I’m not sure which one I want to commit to studying. Apparently neither is “easier” to learn than the other. They just sound different, and there’s more material out there for quenya.
So… I was wondering if any of my companions would be interested in learning elvish with me? It would be fun! We could make little study groups and quiz each other. It’ll feel just like being in college again… only we will be accruing more useless information than those profs could ever drill us on…
So, if anyone’s interesting in creating our own little elf school, check out this site:


There are also a lot of resource books we could check out, so maybe (after deciding which version of elvish we want to study) we could make a bookshelf library of resources?
Let me know if you’re interested. It would be fun to be able to chat by ConnectiCon in elvish 🙂

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One Response to Speak Elvish?

  1. Ooo look were going to be the fantasy equivalent of sci-fi freaks who learn klingon. Yay! I’mm al good for it I already registered for the site.

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