Craft Store Fun

So, guess who went to JoAnne’s today and did NOT get any metalworking materials? Come on, guess!
Yes, it’s true. I actually managed to walk out of that store without rivets today (eep, I think I just jinxed myself!). I went to look for leather/leathery material to use as an underlay to the pauldrons since those will be set against my bare skin and I really don’t want to chance the possibility of cutting myself accidentally and I really don’t like the feel of cold metal.
Oh! By the way, here are the promised pictures of my pauldrons AND the first picture of myself that I have allowed into my blog. I’m sorry they’re a bit dark, but I used my webcam:

Right now, the pauldrons are two separate pieces (by the way, the back looks exactly like the front). I got a leather-like fabric today (thank you for the tip off about the fabric remnants, Denya!) which I will use to permanently attach the back of the pauldron and create a piece for the front which can be laced up with little silver grommets.
AND using the leather along the edges of the pauldrons will allow me to go back and add scale mail or chain mail at a later date, so it’s also worth it for that purpose, not just the fact that it will protect my skin from being cut, bruised, cold…
But this is also a milestone in that it means I’m pretty much done with “metalwork” for now. Which is good because my hands and fingers are becoming really beat up and cut from the materials I’ve been working with. I had quite a few incidents involving my thumb and a hammer last night alone!
Oh, what else did I get at JoAnne’s? While searching for leather, I came across this GORGEOUS fabric which I think is made for curtains. It’s satin-y and one is red/orange while the other is a gold/tan. They both have flowered embroidery on them, and I thought that they just seemed very… elven. I might use the pieces to make a shoulder bag, or I might decide that I miss punishing myself with armor and make a pretty waist-cincher or something. Either way, I couldn’t resist the pretty fabric. And I look forward to sewing by hand, just like the old days!

(I need a life. Can you tell?)

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4 Responses to Craft Store Fun

  1. Wow those look awesome Ari I love them. they look really professional.

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