Project Pauldrons cont’d

So… yet ANOTHER work day comes to a close. And right up until the wonderful night time meeting I went to, I was working on my pauldrons. I think I can confidently say that all the metal components of the pauldrons are assembled (pics will go up tomorrow, I promise!). I ended up splitting the harness into two pieces because it was rather uncomfortable to wear and wasn’t lying flat against my back. Now, I’m going to take leather and bind the “back” of the pauldrons together and make a piece that ties up the front. Um… this will make a lot more sense when I put up pictures, though.
And then… I should really complete work on the cuisses. The knee cops are still unattached, as of yet. And then I just need some final touches (ie, grommets on the cuisses, uniform leather bindings for everything) and–dare I say it?–I’m ready for the faire! At least in regards to my armor.
What else? My corset should be coming any day now. And I’ll probably order my sword tomorrow so I have time to repaint it. And THEN I will be completely ready.
Then, since I have two months after that to get prepared for Connecticon, I’ll keep working on my armor some more. If my funds hold, I want to add some scale mail components to the pieces and possibly have in mind a plan for greaves (plates that cover the boots). Maybe. But either way, this will be as far as I go for the faire.

Now to practice my music so my friends’ ears don’t blow out when I try and serenade them with a song. Where’s my ocarina…?

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