The Plan

Good morning, everyone! Doesn’t it look like a beautiful day in Connecticut? The birds are singing. The sky is blue. The air is frigid.
Oh. Right. Well, kudos to the first two, boo to the last. So long as it warms up before the faire, I’ll be happy! Otherwise, I’m going to be a very cold little elf…
In any case, here’s the plan for today. Pauldrons! No more putting it off. The harness has been made for days now, and it just need to make the plates and assemble it and see how far I can make the leather stretch before I need more. And I’m almost out of aluminum, too. So I can only hope for the best. (Because even though aluminum is fairly cheap, I’m at the end of my armoring project and can’t imaging going out and buying another roll for just one piece!)
What else is on the agenda? Oh right. Play around with the gauntlets and see if I can make them fit. *sigh* I still haven’t sent them back, and they’re really, really, so very very pretty! But they’re heavy. And large. *determined shake of a fist!* But I will try!
Also, maybe I could finish the tassets today (if I don’t run out of material). I mean, they’re “done” right now. But Denya and I agree that they should be longer (*sob* they look better on Denya. Curse the fact that real life Denya is taller than real life Ari, as opposed to in-game Denya and Ari who are relatively the same size, lol).
What else? Oh! I finally broke down and bought my corset on Friday night. It was expensive, but still half the price of the original one I wanted to get. And it looks a lot nicer. Also, the original one was “open” in the front (ie, it laced up the front) Which would have been awkward as I’m sure Ari would never let her belly show in public! But this one I got actually has the corset hook and eyes which close the front, so I hope it’ll be better (even if I don’t think that the hook and eye was even invented yet in the middle ages. But hey, this is fantasy armor anyway).
And…. I suppose I could attach the knee cops to the cuisses today, too, if I feel so inclined. The only reason I kept them off is because the cuisses still need grommets in them, and I didn’t want the knee cops to get in the way.
By the way, thank you thank you for all the fun questions to answer! I really enjoy it, and as an English Major writing is my bread and butter (and I don’t get much of a chance to do imaginative writing that actually matters, anymore). Just note that I’m trying to get all of the questions to be directed to the “Ask a Paladin” button at the top of the screen now because so many comments are about to get lost as the original post gets moved into “older posts” on the next page. Thanks! ^.^

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