Project Pauldrons

So another work day comes to a close. And no, I don’t mean actually getting out into the world and making a living. I mean sitting at home and sanding down aluminum with Brillo so that I don’t cut myself and then sitting here and contemplating whether I want to go any further tonight (meh, maybe get the bending done… start riveting… *shrug*). So yeah. Very successful.
In all seriousness, I got back to work on the pauldrons today after my weekend hiatus. I’m still not completely sold on the harness that I made (pics will be up soon!) and whether it’s actually feasible to be able to comfortably wear this for an entire day. Then again, I’m sure that between wearing a corset, cuisses, and a breastplate, a silly little aluminum pauldron harness will be the least of my comfort worries…
In any case, the pauldron… plates?–I don’t know what to call them–are done. I actually used the exact same pattern as the knee cop for this as well as the smallest plate pattern that I used for the tassets. I’m not sure where this larger plate will go yet. Either I will use it to begin the linking of the plates at the top near the harness, OR I’ll use it as the bottom-most plate and actually use that to attach around my arm (which I need to do with leather or something anyway so that the pauldron doesn’t just flop around). In any case, pauldron plates are done.
I have this idea and I’ll put it past my readers. So, my paladin is a servant of the moon goddess. Wouldn’t it make sense that she would have some lunar symbolism on her somewhere? I don’t mean that I want to go all Sailor Moon crazy here (which I sometimes feel the inclination to start quoting during live games, and then bite my tongue), but I thought a crescent moon applique here and there couldn’t hurt. I would rivet this on. But I can’t decide if I would use more aluminum for this (crescent moons are sharp!) or leather (which would probably offer some nice contrast to the metal, metal, metal of the armor).
By the way, a friend of mine the other night remarked that if she ever needs a Tin Man costume, she knows where to go. Does my armor really look that… boxy?
By the way, as a final tidbit before I stop the blogging process for the evening (unless anyone has any more in-character dialogue to engage me in, and I would happily oblige!) here is a site with leather fantasy armor on it that makes me DROOL. Oh, if only I were so lucky…–D-120/–D-1203/bloodelf-paladin-armour-red–104345

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2 Responses to Project Pauldrons

  1. paladinari says:

    Wrapped leather? In the original drawing, the pauldrons were made out of black leather. But since I’ve found aluminum to be a rather agreeable (and cheap) substance to work with, I was just going to make them out of that. So therefore, shiny pauldrons!
    Maybe you mean with the leather moon appliques?
    *shrug* But yeah, I think keeping the large one at the top should work. And I really don’t want to restrict my arms too much.

  2. Your armor isn’t boxy it’s just shiny like what you’d want for the tin man that’s all. That’s some awesome armor by the way it looks really cool. I’d almost want it in black. But off to pauldrons I think the big one on top with the little one’s beneath wold look kinda cool. I’m not so sure the one the other way around would look god at all as it sounds like your gonna make the metal look more like wrapped leather as opposed to solid metal like were imagining it is.

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