Paladin in Love

Wow, so I didn’t realize that Ari’s virginity would be such hotly contested territory when I invited people to ask her questions. It’s certainly made for some interesting conversation, and so long as the questions stay… ‘clean,’ I’ll be happy to continue to field them in character.
On the other hand, there’s a lot more to Ari’s life then warding off the advances of men (which I would imagine to be far and few between). Though this has definitely been very character building for me, since I probably wouldn’t be able to handle this questions during a LARP session! ^.^*

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7 Responses to Paladin in Love

  1. paladinari says:

    My vote is still for the Ren Faire bet. (see above)

    Maybe penalties could be taken in the form of shots we keep out in the car?

    Each time we break character: “Failure! Go out to the car and take a drink!” ^.^

  2. paladinari says:

    I think we should all make a bet during the Ren Faire. The first one to break character loses… something. Or maybe the last one to break character wins… something. Either way. That’s what I call motivation!

    (Though I normally have such an easy time playing Clover. Why can’t I do that with Ari!?)

    • Probably because you seem to play Ari as a more stoic and reserved person in demeanor..that’s not easy to do when your not that way naturally.

      • paladinari says:

        You wouldn’t call Clover reserved? She spends most of the game making sure others know that she thinks she’s better than them!
        Such as: “I don’t have time for you. You’re all idiots.”
        Heh, maybe I’m just a cynical person and like pointing out the flaws in others? ^.^*

      • Well that;s what I mean Clover’s easier to play because her personality is much more bold. Ari is reserved and so with all the wise cracking especially from Griswold it makes it harder to play her character the way she would really act.

  3. aww why not…you do very well fighting off Griswold’s advances in game… I find it to easier to talk to the DM when he’s Alnir in a romantic tone because I’m already in a romantic relationship with the person behind the character in real life…if it was otherwise like Denya started falling for Auerion or something it wouldn’t be so easy I think…….Ofcourse everyone’s side comments not in character comments don’t help with trying not to giggle during any conversation in character love situations aside.

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