Armor today?

You know, I almost feel like taking the day off from this project. It’s not that I’m bored, but it does get tiresome making sure your fingers aren’t getting in the way of your hammer, and trying to use a screw to make holes in metal and leather, and drawing up patterns for armor pieces that you’re having trouble imagining three dimensionally in your mind…
I’m in the middle of making pauldrons, by the way. I made a pattern for what I’m calling the “harness” yesterday and have already cut out the metal. So, why can’t I move forward? Because I use Brillo in order to sand down the sharp edges (of which there are quite a few for this thing since I had to made inside cuts). Why is this a problem? Because in order to use Brillo, you need a sink. And right now, our sink is filled. In-particular, there is a glass pan in the sink which has been soaking there for two days because my boyfriend cooked steak in it the other night. I don’t think he greased the pan, and now there’s a charred mess burned onto the bottom. I’ve been using a combination of soaking and Brillo to try and get it off the glass, but no luck so far.
So, as soon as I clear out the sink, I can get to sanding the harness and getting on with my pauldrons!
By the way, thank you for the question, Denya. I love answering things like that. Do you mind if Ari asks Denya a few questions? I’d like to find out more about her 🙂

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2 Responses to Armor today?

  1. paladinari says:

    Yes, the meat WAS cooked (for once). But… it burned and made a mess of things (and the fire alarm went off three times!)

  2. I’m actually surprised that your BF cooked the meat that much he’s all for the still mooing. And yes your welcome to ask questions I’ll put up an ask questions post as well:-D

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