Pauldron trouble

So I tried to create the pattern for my pauldrons last night. As it turns out, they’re a little more difficult than I would have expected, and my finished paper pattern would probably end up slipping off my shoulders as soon as I put the finished armor on.
I think what I have to remember is that my shoulders are going to be bare for this costume. It’s not that I’m going all “bikini armor” here, but I definitely know that Ari’s armor would probably be shunned for impracticality and that the original picture design I had for her was rather… um… “fantastical”.
In keeping with “reality”, I’m thinking of re-designing the pauldrons so that they seem more armor-like and, if my armor wasn’t made out of aluminum, they could actually be functional.
To do this, I was sketching last night and think I decided on making some sort of harness to which the pauldrons can be attached. The harness would be made out of a combination of metal and leather and would fit into my outfit very nicely. It’s only a small deviation from my original plan.
Well, I say “small”, and as it turns out the pauldrons aren’t ending up ANYTHING like what they were originally. Hopefully they’ll be better!

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3 Responses to Pauldron trouble

  1. Denya says:

    Yah I’ve been looking into buying a leather pauldron for Denya’s costume but I’ve run into the same problem of how is this gonna stay on my arm with the current corset top I have her in which is sleeveless but not shoulder less. (Ex: I’m also gonna replace the ribbons with leather ties and potentially not wear a chemise underneath, just like a hidden tank top or something.

    • paladinari says:

      Well, I can’t actually see the picture which you linked right now (for some reason). But as for the pauldron not staying on, the probably is actually in how I’m trying to design mine. I’m sure that if you bought ones online (which I was seriously considering doing last night, just to save me the trouble) that they would fit nicely. They would also stay on, because you can wear them with a harness which criss-crosses the body and keeps the opposite pauldron on the shoulder. I think that would look really neat with your corset top 🙂

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