Today, I got myself all set up to finish the tassets. To do this, I basically used the same pattern as I did for the knee cops. But I supersized it (by about an inch in every direction) and added an extra plate. So far, the assembly is slated to go about the same way. I’m all set to string together the plates and rivet them tomorrow, just like the knee cops. The interesting thing will be the last step, which will be to affix either two belt loops or buckles to the top of the pieces so that they can be suspended from another belt. I’m not sure if I’ll go for a fixed size belt loop yet or actually break down and use four of the belts I bought yesterday. But I think that the final assembly of these things will come last (just as the knee cops and the cuisses are still separate entities at the moment).
After the tasset pieces are done (minus the loops/buckles), I plan on making pauldrons (ie, shoulder pieces). I really like the way that the knee cops came out looking, so I was batting around the idea of constructing the pauldrons in the same manner. But I wonder if it will start to seem too repetitive? I guess I’ll see if it would be too common after I finish the tassets.

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