Shopping List

Here are the things I still need to buy (in order of necessity) and where I’ll get them/what they are:

Black leather corset (To wear underneath the breastplate. Obviously a necessity since I refuse to go nude under cold aluminum, lol)
Belt/Sword Frog (No point having a sword without one!)
Sword! (A Paladin doesn’t leave home without their weapon with which to exact justice! This one happens to be made of wood and I would repaint it… And it’s Connecticon legal!)

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3 Responses to Shopping List

    • paladinari says:

      Ooh, thanks Denya! The second one might be a good one to get, since I can get it in just plain black. Though the downside of using satin is that it pulls very easily (and I’m wearing possibly sharp metal). But it would be worth it to go a little cheaper (especially since I still need a sword ^.^*)

  1. Denya says:

    Man there’s so gotta be a cheaper corset you can find but those all look great besides

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