Depleting the stock

So yesterday I went to the mall to get some more supplies. One indispensable store that you should NOT overlook for materials, equipment, etc. is the dollar store. A few weeks ago, I walked in there and ended up getting two leather belts which I thought I might be able to use as straps for the breastplate. These were genuine leather (ok, maybe with a not-so-genuinely-leather core…) and only cost–that’s right–$1! I also got needlenose pliers (which I’ve been using to dabble in chain mail and to make the darts in the armor) as well as a sewer’s tape measure kit.
Ah, the wonders of $1 shopping…
So as I was saying, I went there yesterday again. I got more belts. They’re all black leather with simple, silver-colored belt-buckles. Actually, they look very “renaissance-ish”, if I do say so myself.
How many, you ask? Well, I bought 8. They’re all the same, and that was after quite a bit of searching through their stockpile! So, I’m quite confident that I’ve completely depleted that store of these things. The guy behind the counter gave me such an odd look when I walked up to him to pay.
Tough 😛

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4 Responses to Depleting the stock

  1. paladinari says:

    Oh, but it’s fun to make things! They all come out exactly the way you envisioned (because you have to change your vision to fit the project as you’re making it) and the only person you can be angry at for not doing it right is yourself! It’s a win-win!

  2. Denya says:

    Hahahaha well most of my outfit is already put together and doesn’t require as much as yours and i don’t think I’ll really be making anything just buying things..but well see

  3. paladinari says:

    Yes, they did (nice and simple ones and ornate ones). This was at the dollar store in the Trumbull Mall. I’m so glad I’ve “inspired” you! lol
    Do you think you could start some sort of “Ranger Project” blog? We could link! ^.^

    (er… well, maybe that sounds very Power Ranger-y…)

  4. Denya says:

    Did they have brown belts…and which Dollar store exactly. you’ve got me going on getting my Denya costume together.

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