Armor terms

By the way, here’s a handy diagram of armor terms and where each piece is located on the body. Of course, I’m not making period-accurate armor here. And I certainly don’t plan on having every little piece listed on this diagram!
So, to be Ari the Paladin, I need:
Knee cops (poleyn, on the diagram)

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3 Responses to Armor terms

  1. Denya says:

    So with all this talk I’m really like the idea of that metal piece, I wonder if I could make a BladeSinger outfit for the charater we have waiting in the wings..I should probably finish my Denya one first though huh.

    • paladinari says:

      Ooh, we haven’t met her yet! 🙂
      Well, either costume would be good. Though if you use the breastplate I already have, your bladesinger might end up looking like Ari, no? Do you have a picture of your bladesinger? (wait, is a “bladesinger” a type of person or is that the person’s name?)

      • Denya says:

        Bladesinger is a type of class that’s a warrior class, and she would look kinda similar but not entirely as they cant wear so much armor due to there ability requiring less weight and more ability to move.

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