Another trip to Joanne’s

I’m beginning to feel like I live in hardware and craft stores, which might be a good thing or a bad thing (from a financial perspective). My most commonly hit up stores?

Home Depot
JoAnne’s Fabrics

Somehow, I don’t think a traditional armorer normally finds themselves in the latter two. But hey, they serve my purposes. But here’s my review of them, just for the record:

Home Depot: Confusing! Decently priced (insofar as I know hardware store materials). But it’s not worth the aggravation of trying to decode what men decided was a convenient way to organize things. I mean, come on! Look at a supermarket. CLEARLY, they were designed by WOMEN. Supermarkets make sense (more often than not) and everything is in its logical place. Home Depot? Designed by MEN. Obviously. *sigh*
JoAnne’s Fabrics: A big, big variety of stuff to choose from here, and a lot of it I can’t find at the other craft stores. This is where I found the greatest selection of rivets, grommets, leather and the like. It might be a bit more than I’d really like to spend, but at least it’s one stop shopping.
ACMoore: Not a very big selection, but a nice family atmosphere. Well, when I say “family,” I mean it. My last visit to ACMoore turned me off to the store. All I wanted to do was walk around, mind my own business, and check out the chainmail situation. Meanwhile, there’s a large family standing right there, the parents speaking loudly, and the children (little ones) running around and screaming like banshees, completely destroying my whole shopping experience. Even the sales associates were giving the family odd looks. But did anyone step in to say, “Hey, can you quiet your kids down?” No! And so, I have lost all respect for ACMoore. They will have to re-earn my trust: Mark my words.

So, back to JoAnne’s! That’s where I went yesterday because I realized that I’m running out of rivets and that I’m soon going to be in need of leather. I found the rivets but couldn’t find the last set of grommets that I got. And then, I headed over to the leather section. On the way, I passed by the woodworking section and, lo and behold, there were clearance items! I ended up getting a nice little ball of steel wool (which is good for sanding and is a nice, clean alternative to Brillo) on sale. Yay! Then, I proceeded to the leather section where I found a nice, thick piece of suede: With blue glitter paint smeared all over it.
Not deterred, I actually took this to be a good thing. Did you know that if you take a damaged item up to a register, they normally give you something off of that item? Well, this was a $6.99 piece of leather. So I thought, what the heck? I took it up and ended up getting 75% off of the leather (so it practically cost nothing!). And then as soon as I got home, I was able to easily use water to get the glitter paint off. What a bargain!
And, I got a 3 Musketeers dark chocolate and mint bar out of the deal. Yum ^.^

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One Response to Another trip to Joanne’s

  1. Jennifer W says:

    So I take it you’ve had absolutely no luck at all with Michael’s. I remember looking for stuff for Jim’s Pirate shirt, rivets for the lace up front for example and they had diddly squat. I also found leather and fur there for my staff that I got and wanted to decorate up a little bit. I agree about Home Depot by the way I can never find a a damn thing in there I’ve always gotta ask a sales associate were the hell is this or that. All though if your looking for wood they have a discount wood cart usually in the back of the lumber section priced 50cents -1$ a piece with all kinds of shapes and sizes. It’s where I ended up getting the wood for the shelves my dad made for the extra counter in the apartment that was just a big open space inside. Only cost like 2-3$.

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