So the bracers showed up…

My bracers showed up today. They’re GORGEOUS. Black leather with nickel hardware. Talk about the drool factor. They’re perfect! Except for one little problem…
They’re too big.
I could have cried when I, with my tiny little arms, tried on the bracers and realized that I couldn’t move my arm and felt like I had a cast on! I realize that they’re new leather and need to break in, but even then, the hand portion of the piece overshoots my knuckles by about 3 inches and the bracer itself is so long that I could easily foresee chafing in my future if I decide to wear them.
They’re also heavy, but that’s not so much of a problem.
In a panic, I looked up the seller on ebay. He doesn’t accept returns. So I already put in a frantic (yet super polite and appreciative!) message to him asking if he might consider reworking them so that they fit me better. I would understand if he wouldn’t. I know that he’s really busy. But I really don’t know what to do with these as they stand.
Either way, not a good day for bracers 😦

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One Response to So the bracers showed up…

  1. Denya says:

    There gorgeous though…

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