So, on to the cuisses! For those of you who don’t speak French, this means “thigh”. So, I’m talking about thigh armor.
In my original drawing for Ari, I made her cuisses rather pointy with angled knee pieces. After all, this was a fantasy drawing.
Needless to say, I’m–sadly–shaped a little differently than an elf. And Ari is supposed to be taller than me, too. So the cuisses that I will made are a bit stubbier. But I hope that they’ll look all right.
Last night, I measured my thighs while standing and sitting and came up with a pattern. Then, I cut out the metal already. I’m not sure where I’ll go from here. I definitely need to sand them down with Brillo before I go any further (thank goodness for kitchen ingenuity). But I’m not sure what I’ll do about the knee area since I previously found out that aluminum doesn’t like to bend and all the sites I go to to look at how to make cuisses tell you to “dish” out the knee cop.
I’m also not sure how to articulate (or make move) the knee pieces. So, either I”ll come up with something clever, or I actually am thinking of maybe making something with scale mail, which would look rather “elfy”, I think.
Only time will tell 🙂

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