Project Intro

I have been cosplaying for quite a few years now. For those of you who don’t know, “cosplay” is the art of dressing up in costume to the best of your ability in order to try and “step into the shoes” of a character. In other words, it’s translating that character and their outfit into the real world to try and bring that person to life. Normally, this is done with an anime (Japanese animation) or video game character. And I absolutely love this hobby.
I think that I have always loved dressing up. I never was a “girly girl,” but there’s something so fascinating about dressing up in costume and being able to become someone (or something) else entirely. Add to that my love in anime which I acquired early in my high school career, and I think that about sums up why I do this.
Cosplay costumes are typically worn at conventions, though they make great (if unusual) Halloween costumes as well. There’s a real art and passion behind trying to become a character entirely. Everything from the costume to the accessories to the hair to the makeup comes together to transform you into a person of fiction. And it’s a wonderfully liberating experience.
Just to give you all some Google fodder, here are the cosplay costumes I’ve thrown myself into in the past years: Pretty Sammy, Inuyasha, Princess Serenity, Chi (you can actually see a picture of me as Chi if you Google “Connecticon Chi”!), and Saber from Fate/Stay Night. I’ve also cosplayed as my vampire character, Clover, from my Vampire the Masquerade game. And I hope to add pictures of all of these as time progresses.
But this page in-particular is devoted to this year’s cosplay challenge. I probably should have begun it sooner, considering I’m already head-first in this project, but better later than never.
This year for two Connecticut Renaissance faires and Connecticon in Hartford, CT, I plan on cosplaying as my Elf Paladin, Ari Whisperwind, from a Dungeons and Dragons game my friend runs for us. I don’t meant to sound vain, but I am absolutely in LOVE with my character. In fact, I just love the idea of the Paladin class altogether (I am also a World of Warcraft player). And once I drew a concept sketch for for my character looks like, I realized that I just had to try and BE her this year.
Dungeons and Dragons is a roll playing game (or at least it used to be, as my boyfriend tells me. my friend who is running this game is running it 2nd Edition style, so there’s a lot of roll playing involved). And again, with my love of dressing up in costume, I just happen to click really well into roll play. So, I really look forward to stepping into Ari’s shoes this year to help me to understand my character better and, perhaps even better, really wow my peers at the convention this year. After all, cosplay is a performing art!
As I already said, I’ve already begun this project, but I’m only a week in at this point. There are no useful tutorials for armor making out there, and since I really wanted to go for the authentic look and absolutely had to/wanted to use metal to make it, I’m really flying by the seat of my pants as to how to go about doing this. In following posts, I’ll describe my process and what I’ve done so far. And if I can ever find the connection cable for my digital camera, I’ll try and get some pictures up as well to show my progress.
So, here’s the Paladin Project laid out! The Connecticut Renaissance Faire begins May 8, and I plan to be there as Ari (with as much armor as possible, at least). Connecticon 2010 begins on July 9, and I plan on being there with my costume completed. Or… at least that’s the plan, anyway.
So, let the Paladin Project commence! ^.^

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