Quest Intro

A 112-year-old Moon Elf, Ari Whisperwind is a dedicated, selfless, paladin of the moon goddess, Selene. At first glance, she is a typical religious zealot. She has long, platinum blonde hair kept back in a messy braid, inquisitive and judging gray eyes, luminous pale skin, and is of a modest 5’7″ height, weighing only 95lbs.
Further inspection reveals her dress. She wears rather unusual field plate armor. It is of a modest design, yet leaves a good portion of her unprotected. She also wears four pearl drop earrings: A rather frivolous and unexpected accessory to a paladin’s garb.
She carries two weapons–one long sword and one hand scythe–and there is no shield at her side, as one would expect of a warrior of her caliber. At this point, you begin to wonder what kind of paladin she is and whether her mannerisms will be as unusual as her self.
But when you sit down to chat with her, she reveals a rather interesting tale…

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5 Responses to Quest Intro

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  2. Denya says:

    I think Griswold is just in love with Ari but knows she will never love him so he continues to express an effort in futility so long as he is by her side….And then he drinks a lot.

    • paladinari says:

      Yeah, probably. Which is pretty sad (both genuinely and sarcastically). But it’s better if they don’t get involved. It was one of the things that Ari swore: To neither love nor produce any offspring. The less dependents she has, the less people who would be sad if she were to die on the battlefield. And though she’s made her own peace with death, she wouldn’t want to place that burden on anyone else. It’s part of the sacrifice she’s made for her servitude to Selene.

  3. Griswold says:

    She also is secretly in love with Griswold the dwarf!

    • paladinari says:

      … Griswald is the dwarf in our group. In this world, the Elves and the Dwarves have recently been at war (Elves won, hands down!). By chance, we ended up in the same group and he, for some odd reason, thinks that I like him. But frankly, Elves think very LITTLE of the Dwarven race. They often come up SHORT in helping out during quests. And when all else fails, they tend to gorge themselves on PINT SIZED flagons of mead. *sigh* What’s an Elf to do?

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